Hello, my name is Todd. I'm stubborn, loyal, passionate, intentional, creative, and enduring. I love art, adventure, and music. Everything I do is a reflection of my creator, and my goal in this life is to leave a legacy that inspires the future.

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  • boxers or briefs

    Asked by Anonymous


    briefs, you know. they keep everything in place.

    oh yes, thanks eric. I guess I forgot that briefs didn’t have the legs, because I defiantly wear BOXER briefs.

    What art forms have you explored (photography, music, fingerpainting, arranging your cereal in your milk at breakfast) and which of them is your favorite (even if it's not the one you're the best at?)

    Asked by turner-ings

    I’ve done all the general types of art. Markers, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, digital, photography, etc. I get the most excitement out of digital things like photo manipulations and video production.

    Also, I used to eat lucky charms everyday before school. I would eat all of the cereal pieces, until there was nothing but marshmallows left. Anarchy.

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